Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bavarian Giants

There is no doubting that the mainstream media will be hyping up "Ribben and Robery" as Bayern Munchen's greatest threat, and they not wrong in doing so. However, in devising a plan to nullify those two threats, Sir Alex and his men must be careful not to over-complicate their game plan, lest a Barca-esq switch ensues and we capitulate like we did in Rome. Nor must we forget about the other talented players who can turn a game for Deutschland's FC Hollywood.

Marco van Bommel, Bastien Schweinsteiger, Mario Gomez, Miroslav Klose, Anatoliy Tymoshchuk and Phillip Lahm all possess varying blends of technical skill, pace, positional play and vision to make a telling contribution towards a Bavarian victory, over two legs.That said, United have nothing to worry about if the selected XI play to potential.

Mike Phelan's post game jokes aside, Sir Alex's decision to completely rest Rio and Rooney could work wonders, or it could set us back. Both players base a lot of their confidence on their performance from previous games, and although Mr.Phelan did claim they had "knocks", i'd have rather of seen Rooney play 20-30 minutes, just to keep him "ticking over" and to maybe score a goal or two against a tiring Bolton, to keep him sharp.

How we go about negating the combined powers of Robben and Ribery, who are both usually deployed to allow them to "cut in" and shoot with their prefered foot, remains to be seen. Having rewatched the Rome debacle, where Messi gave Evra the slip, and drifted into the middle, i fear Robben and Ribery could end up doing the same, forcing the game to narrow. THis is the sort of game that Wes Brown's defensive ability will be sorely missed, as will Evra's disciplined defending.

Given Park's success against Milan last round, it would be churlish to not use him, especially as he was rested for the full 90 on the weekend. This could mean a return to the subs bench for Dimitar Berbatov, with Rooney reprising his role as a single striker.

However,i'm thinking a more solid 4-4-2, with Park and Nani on the wings will give us a better balance, and allow us to double up on Ribery and Robben on thw wings, as well as get forward on the break. Berbatov and Rooney together will provide an outlet, as well as the ability to keep the ball in attack. Berbatov has recently hit top form, and with Rooney's new found maturity in prolonging his "purple patch" United have the ability to score enough away goals to effectively end this tie in Munich.

Monday, March 15, 2010

4-4-2 Vs. Liverpool

I see Fergie being more cautius but overlooking our record against Liverscum over the past few games we need to be more attacking. However if we do play 4-5-1 we need to make it more of a 4-3-3 when we attack. Im very sure what i would put out their for the game. Right back is my only doubt-whether he goes for Rafael or Neville is a mystery.

i'd go for

Van Der sar
Rafael/Neville Vidic Ferdinand Evra
Fletcher Carrick
Nani Park
Berbatov Rooney

Berba's in Form, Rooney-can i say more, Park and his hardworking self and Nani returning to his skillful self.

Big game and the players need to step up