Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What an Old Trafford Stalemate Can Tell Us

Following our scoreless draw with Rangers at Old Trafford in the 2010/2011 version of the UEFA Champions League, I've been left lamenting the clubs failure to add a dynamic, creative, all together different force in the midfield, someone of the ilk of Luca Modric or Niko Kranjcar.

Personally, I'd have been delighted to welcome Modric into the fold at Old Trafford, given his patent goal scoring ability as well as the way he conducts himself as a very solid, reliable conduit between the flanks and the centre of midfield. One thing that struck me the most this morning during the tie, was the amount of times Wayne Rooney had to drop back and act as a "man in the hole", often taking the ball from Giggs on the left and distributing it to Valencia or Fletcher on the right.

This obviously leaves us with one less target option in the middle of the opposition's penalty box, meaning Berbatov, Owen or, in the case of the match up with Rangers, Chicharito have to contend with more marking and interest from opposition defenders. Obviously, given the physical attention and, to be brutally honest, stringently tough tackling of the Rangers defenders makes for a very hard night at the office.

Anyway, my rant well and truly completed, I'll move on for another night leaving anyone who has bothered to read this with something to ponder. Thanks friends. Here's hoping we can look back at the few blips on the radar already this season as nothing more than that in an otherwise successful campaign.