Tuesday, May 10, 2011


With Kenny Dalglish showcasing two promising 18 year old full backs, in a game of such repute, even if Liverpoolare now only playing for pride and prize money related to a higher league place, United fans must wonder how low, or high a level United must reach for academy graduates to get a competitive first team game. Both 18 year old fullbacks,  John Flanagan and Jack Robinson, did an above average job nullifying the threat posed on the wings from Walcott & Nasri and later on Bendtner & Arshavin. Considering that it was Robinson's first appearance and Flanagan's second, they did a remarkable job of keeping Arsenal from playing their usual game which requires a fast passing game making use of the full width of the pitch. Does this show the lack of strength at Liverpool, or Kenny Dalglish simply realizing that for now, for their currently limited ambitions, they are good enough?

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