Saturday, August 15, 2015

What's wrong with Wayne

We want this Wayne
Wazza played 90 minutes, had a ridiculously low impact on the game and as you can see from the above heatmap and the heatmaps of his teammates- some who played 30 minutes less, the Manchester United captain had a forgettable match. Dropping way too deep, presumably in search of the ball, Wayne only managed to get in the way of those tasked by LvG with providing him service. 

Stuart James in the Guardian  opined,"The game will certainly not live long in the memory for Wayne Rooney. The United captain has scored more goals against Villa than any other club but he looked strangely out of sorts here. Leading the line, Rooney’s touch let him down at times and he was way off the pace. The fact that he failed to touch the ball in the penalty area until the 93rd minute said it all."
Adnan was notionally playing "behind Rooney in a 10,
but managed to cover more ground in front of him as well
His colleague at the Guardian, Jamie Jackson also made note of Rooney's terrible performance,  "He may also look over his shoulder at the manager after another muted display. The Dutchman has said his captain has “special privileges” and will always play. Yet the Van Gaal logic means nothing is certain for any United footballer."

Only a single touch in our attacking penalty box, and that was in the 93rd minute.
Not really the touch map you would hope for from the striker

The DailyMail's,  Joe Bernstein had this to say on Wayne's non-performance, If Wayne Rooney is United's only viable option at centre-forward this season, it will take a miracle for Louis van Gaal's side to win a trophy. Rooney wasn't awful but at 29 doesn't have the mobility to play 50 games as a lone striker, or the power of Didier Drogba.

neatly summarized what's been happening with Wayne that we've all subconsciously felt and at time vocalized, hoping that it wouldn't truly materialize. "A general lack of pace, a distinct lack of sharpness and yet more evidence of a profoundly unreliable first touch. Watching Rooney play over the last few seasons has been a profoundly dispiriting business. All the things that made him astoundingly exciting drained away long ago, of course, but all the things that made him exceptionally competent have been slowly going the same way. At his best, he's still pretty good; at his worst, he's a ponderous vortex that receives attention and service in inverse proportion to productivity and excitement. The ball goes in, and nothing much comes out. And the best days are getting rarer."

A snapshot of social media was similarly scathing of Wayne's performance over the first two games.